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Mon Lapin Quotidien n°18


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A weight on your chest? A bitter taste in your mouth? Do you have a sudden desire for sweet treats, unbridled pleasures, unexpected flavors? Do you like cakes? Do you like cherries? Do you like overflowing? You’ll love this issue #18 of MLQ! In its pages, you’ll find a focus on the Grand Soulagement, a political relaxation program with a tender insurrectionary objective, imagined by Quentin Faucompré and Cyril Pedrosa. New faces will also appear in this issue 18: Fred Fivaz, Anne Van Der Linden, Stéphane Blanquet and Olivier Texier.

  • date de publication : september 2021
  • langage : FR
  • pages : 12 p.
  • format : 18 x 16 x 29
  • ISBN : 9782844148339
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