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Odile Fix, Clothilde Staes

Pierre d’un jour


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A writing sharp as the Cantal stone where Odile Fix lives. A solar illustration like the land of Ardèche where Clothilde Staës lives. Le port a jauni proposed a meeting between these two universes: Odile Fix explored the theme of the earth, the elements, the friction between materials, stone and time. Clothilde Staës worked on luminous, supple, soft masses, in unfaithful echo to Odile Fix’s rough writing. Thus this poem was born from a stone, one day, Pierre d’un jour.

  • date de publication : september 2020
  • langage : FR / AR
  • pages : 24 p.
  • format : 17 x 16 x 22
  • ISBN : 9782919511686
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    Pierre d'un jour
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