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Maybelline Skvortzoff

Roxane vend ses culottes


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Roxane vend ses culottes – Roxane, a young broke party girl, goes on drinking sprees and bored afternoons. To make ends meet and spice up her daily life, she decides to sell her underwear on the Internet.

Roxane sells her panties and retraces her first steps, from the creation of her naughty profile to the appointments with customers with more or less eccentric practices… We also follow Roxane in her daily life, made of drunken evenings with her roommate, aborted love stories and endless meals with an invading mother. But her new activity soon confronts Roxane with a strange world, very different from her own. What has she gotten herself into?

In a series of sequences that are in turn embarrassing, hilarious, creepy or touching, Roxane sells her panties and makes us think about the limits of prostitution, the notion of consent and the relationships of economic domination in a world where everything is sold and negotiated.

Armed with her expressive style and a certain sense of detail, Maybelline Skvortzoff revisits the codes of soap opera with a trashy and ferocious humor and paints the portrait of a young woman who is both lost and determined, reminiscent of Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s Fleabag Fleabag series in its grating humor and freedom of tone.

  • date of publication : september 2022
  • language : FR
  • pages : 128 p.
  • format : 23.7 x 17.2 x 3
  • binding : Hardbound, puffy cover
  • ISBN : 9782848410685
  • publishers : Editions Tanibis
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