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Maria Medem

À cause d’une fleur


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À cause d’une fleur -Antonia lives in a village inhabited only by dogs and geckos. All the neighboring hamlets have been emptied of their inhabitants, and all the surrounding land seems barren. In Antonia’s village, or at least in what remains of it, grows a flower that reminds her of better times, the memory of the cheerfulness of this place and the fertility of the fields. Taking care of this flower, keeping it alive at all costs, becomes the main purpose of Antonia’s existence. But an unexpected visit helps her embark on a journey of initiation, during which she rediscovers a life she thought she’d lost, and learns to cultivate the flower of her desires.

With lightness and delicacy, María Medem draws us into her world of orange sunsets, brilliantly colored landscapes, dewdrops and raindrops hanging from blades of grass, birds floating in a sky torn by cloud plumes, nature expressing itself in complete freedom. In À cause d’une fleur, María Medem constructs a universe whose images continue to inhabit us long after we’ve closed her book; a visual poem remarkable for its creativity and coherence, a hymn to the sweetness of solitude and the warmth of encounters.

  • date of publication : October 2023
  • language : FR
  • pages : 336 p.
  • format : 24.7 x 17.7 x 4
  • binding : Hardcover
  • ISBN : 9782878272574
  • publishers : Rackham
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