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Akiko Kimura i – Akiko Kimura (1971) was born in Hitachi, Japan. She is part of a new generation of Japanese photographers who work with the landscape with extreme sensitivity. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Japan and abroad.

The title of the series, “i”, is the sound /ai/ meaning “I” in English and “love” in Japanese.

Looking at these photographs, one experiences a sense of peace and serenity, a feeling of being lucky to live in this world.

“i” is Akiko’s first book to be distributed internationally, edited to the highest quality in a limited edition of 1000 copies.

“Every time I look at my artworks, I discover new ways of seeing them. It’s as if they were a mirror that allows me to discover myself anew each time. I like to think that this allows my work to be reborn again and again each time my photographs are discovered. In my work, I’m happy when I feel there’s nothing, but at the same time everything”.

  • design : Hermanos Berenguer
  • date of publication : June 2023
  • language : EN / JP
  • pages : 92 p.
  • format : 29.7 x 21 x 1
  • binding : Hardbound, screenprinted cover
  • ISBN : 9788419233615
  • publishers : Rm Editorial
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