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Franck Leibovici

de l’amour


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de l’amour consists in four scenes of four different scales: an online chat room, talks on the tinder app, a sex scene and a multiple-participant love correspondence, over several countries. going from one scene and scale to another allows the reader to zoom in and out, to see in more details, in more depth, things that flash by, and then go back to a more distant perspective. readers however will not have access to the “big picture”, since it does not exist: there is no panoramic viewpoint, only socio-technical devices (an online chat, a smartphone app, a sex-tape and emailed spams). simply following those stories will draw the portrait of a generation that renews the ways of writing and loving.

  • date of publication : february 2019
  • language : FR / EN
  • pages : 336 p.
  • format : 1 x 16 x 22.9
  • binding : soft sover
  • ISBN : 9782365680189
  • publishers : Jbe Books
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