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Louis Paillard

Dessins & Maisons


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A UFO book if ever there was one, Dessins & Maisons is intended to be a “zibaldoned architecture” in reference to Leopardi’s Zibaldone di Pensieri, a diary in which the philosopher noted his thoughts while shaping his work.

The architect Louis Paillard amalgamates in an almost instinctive order his architectural achievements in all their aspects, his inspirations as well as the numerous drawings with which they correspond. Invited to build his own bridges, the reader comes to reconcile, in the manner of the architect, the childish gesture of drawing and the concreteness of construction. Blutch, Ugo Bienvenu and Frédéric Poincelet each bring their own stones to this edifice in the form of vast drawings where their respective universes come to inhabit the architectural achievements of Louis Paillard.

Dessins & Maisons is a limited edition of 500 copies. Since the founding of his agency in 2003, Louis Paillard has been practicing a human, economical, rational and inventive architecture. He has notably signed the Galerie 14 project, which includes a group of 130 housing units in the fourteenth arrondissement of Paris.

  • date of publication : November 2022
  • language : FR
  • pages : 384 p.
  • format : 30.7 x 24 x 2.5
  • tirage : 500 copies
  • binding : Hardcover
  • ISBN : 9782490934164
  • publishers : éditions Réalistes
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