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Essence of Nature


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Essence of Nature – Herma de Wit’s third book, Essence of Nature offers a collection of diverse artworks known as monotypes—a printing technique that produces a single, unique print. Her intention is to show the fragility and strength of gathered objects through the medium of the monoprint. The leaves, flowers, and seeds she finds and collects become a memory of a city or country. By using nature to visualise itself, both through its outline and its inner life, De Wit draws our attention to the pure beauty of her subjects. Unlike her previous book, ‘Force of Nature’, which was comprised of black-and-white works, this sequel experiments with colour and coloured paper while exploring new techniques ; contributions by Marina Aarts (art historian), Piet van Bragt (publicist) and Maartje Wortel (writer).

  • design : Herma de Wit
  • date of publication : March 2023
  • language : EN
  • pages : 148 p.
  • format : 32 x 24 x 1.6
  • binding : Coptic Bound, embossed cover
  • ISBN : 9789090369082
  • publishers : Herma de Wit
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    Essence of Nature
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