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Ewa et Piotr – Lorenzo Castore is one of the most interesting Italian photographers of his generation. With Ewa and Piotr, he gives us the story of an improbable, almost monstrous encounter. It could have, like so many others, remained the fact of an instant, but it turned into a great friendship. Between 2007 and 2013, the photographer lives in Poland. One day he met an extravagant woman in the street, who refused to exchange any words with him. When he manages, thanks to a friend, to track her down, Castore discovers the living conditions of Ewa and her brother Piotr, in a decrepit apartment on a street in Krakow. Abandoned to themselves, alcoholic, living without gas, without electricity, without hot water, Ewa and Piotr reveal their existence by snatches, and let themselves be photographed little by little. Castore intersperses his own photographs with archival images, family photos entrusted to him by the brother and sister.

Lorenzo Castore is a photographer who takes risks: he goes to meet misery, suffering humanity, places of mourning, misfortune and rejection. He goes where no one wants to go. And he brings back wonders… Through his work, in which horror and beauty are so close, Castore encourages us to look at the other without prejudice, without blinkers and without fear. He invites us to dive into the great cauldron of today’s world.

  • design : Nathanael Reuling & Eloi Gimeno
  • date of publication : April 2018
  • language : FR
  • pages : 200 p.
  • format : 32.5 x 22.5 x 2
  • binding : Softbound with flaps
  • ISBN : 978288505064
  • publishers : Les Éditions Noir sur Blanc
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    Ewa et Piotr
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