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Halogènure #07


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Halogénure is a photography journal, which has chosen to focus its interest on the practice of analog and alternative photographic processes. Halogénure is a team of 5 people, scattered all over France and Belgium, but who come together around this common project and the love of photography. The first section presents the work of three photographers who explore, in radically different ways, the relationship to their origins. The second booklet, extending the joyful experience already conducted with the “XA Love” series of one of the back issues, is devoted to a photographic correspondence between photographers Damien Daufresne and Martin Bogren. This third issue is devoted to “photonomes” (contraction of photographer and autonomous), those photographers of classical culture, generally coming from academic backgrounds and having practiced professionally, who have chosen, for various reasons, to leave the paths of traditional practice.

  • date of publication : september 2020
  • language : FR
  • pages : 160 (3 booklets of 48, 52 and 60 pages)
  • format : 21.8 x 25.4 x 1.5
  • impression : printed on HUV Offset press
  • publishers : Halogénure
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