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Jaune Pétrole


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Jaune Pétrole focuses on a depot of tanker cars carrying various oil products. A few steps from the trains, yellow vests have built a camp. As elsewhere in France, the increase in the price of fuel has set the region ablaze. It is in this industrial context and social crisis that Kaïros chose to realize this series of paintings.

Kaïros works with aerosol on the calligraphic variations of his signature (tag), spelled and abbreviated differently: “Kaïros”, “Kayros”, “Kai”, “Kay”. The tagger first operates on paper. The yellow pages of the book present his graphic research made with Indian ink, with different tools. These signatures are then reproduced in large, at arm’s length, on the metal of the cars.

KAIROS: In Greek, favorable and timely time. Different from the linear notion of Chronos (physical time), Kairos could be considered as another dimension of time creating depth in the moment.

  • date of publication : 2020
  • language : FR
  • pages : 68 p.
  • format : 20 x 25 x .5
  • tirage : 50 copies signed and numbered
  • binding : Book sewned and bound by hand
  • publishers : Editions Terrain Vague
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