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La pitoune et la poutine


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The era of the log drive is the mythical time in the history of Lower Canada when log drivers used to ride wooden “pitounes” on the river in order to transport them to the factories where they were later transformed. It is also the unlikely fruit of the wild imagination of Xavier Cadieux and Alexandre Fontaine Rousseau, who joined forces to sign with La pitoune et la poutine a brand new adventure of the authentic folk hero Jos Montferrand. The authors are interested in the twilight period of the journey of this famous character, better known to historians for his propensity to “stamp his foot” on the ceilings of the taverns he visited in order to avoid paying the bill. In this story, narrated by a beaver, Montferrand sets out in search of a mysterious dish known for its miraculous therapeutic properties: poutine. Warning: this book is excessively Quebecois.

  • date of publication : november 2019
  • language : FR
  • pages : 180 p.
  • format : 15.80 x 16 x 20.90
  • binding : paperback, soft cover
  • ISBN : 9782924049570
  • publishers : Pow Pow
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