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Tom Gauld

La revanche des bibliothécaires


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La revanche des bibliothécaires – Under the haughty eye of an impassive cat, the author moves forward, hesitating, trying – in vain – to escape the throes of Creation to find the path to success! Meanwhile, the publisher is hard at work on new concepts: practical poetry; conspiracy theories of beaches; classic summaries for readers in a hurry! The bookseller, on the other hand, keeps a firm grip on the bar between the avalanche of boxes and the impossible demands of his infernal alter-ego: the reader.

And the librarians? they push their carts, without noise, only knowing that they dominate in the shadows this small world which is agitated in vain.

With absurd diagrams and hilarious strips, Tom Gauld paints a great portrait of the small world of books, with humor, finesse and intelligence!

Less tattooed than Augustin Trapenard but no less funny than Bernard Pivot, Tom Gauld is published every week in the Guardian’s literary section and has established himself, in a few years, as one of the essential authors of the English-speaking world. With this new album, he offers us something to wake up our literary season…

Readers, book lovers of all kinds: here is your new bedside book!

  • date of publication : September 2022
  • language : FR
  • pages : 180 p.
  • format : 23.7 x 14.7 x 2.5
  • impression : Arctic Volume 140 g
  • binding : Hardcover with selective varnish, sewn binding with headband
  • ISBN : 9782383870234
  • publishers : 2024
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