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Olaf Nicolai, Jan Wenzel



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Transcript of four lectures given in Leipzig in 2010 regarding an installation Olaf Nicolai made in Paris back in 1998. This publication revolves around the theme of the labyrinth and its various manifestations and associations—from the Minotaur to geographical maps and Ikea’s assembly instructions.
In 1998, Olaf Nicolai took green plastic brooms used by Parisian municipal employees to build a labyrinth in the “Art Grandeur Nature” exhibition at Parc de La Courneuve (Paris Saint-Denis). This installation is the starting point of the publication, which explores and combines a broad spectrum of topics that relate to the theme of the labyrinth, and serves as a reference system to Nicolai’s work. A map of Paris describing the artist’s itinerary—including the sites and monuments he visited—is inserted in the book’s dustcover.
  • language : EN
  • pages : 320
  • format : 18.7 x 16 x 2
  • binding : Softcover
  • publishers : Spector books
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