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Victoire Gonzalvez & Lauren Januhowski

Lili Wallpaper


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In stock

A wall paper created by the two artists, Victoire Gonzalvez and Lauren Januhowski, in the framework of their duo show, “Looking in on me changing” at the Galerie Mansart in July 2021.

Lili Wallpaper is a marriage of their two styles as well as an ode to girlhood and decor. Each print is screenprinted in 3 color passages (green, fluorescent pink, and violet). The motif continues through the prints and functions as a real wallpaper.

  • design : Victoire Gonzalvez & Lauren Januhowski
  • date of publication : June 2021
  • format : 60 x 44.5 x .1
  • impression : Handprinted screenprint in 3 colors
  • tirage : 130 copies, signed and numbered
  • publishers : Victoire Gonzalvez & Lauren Januhowski
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    Lili Wallpaper
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