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Manifesta 13 marseille : le grand puzzle


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Manifesta 13 Marseille is very pleased to announce that Le Grand Puzzle, the pre-biennial urban study developed by the Rotterdam-based architecture studio and The Why Factory directed by Winy Maas, has been sent to the printer, published by the German company Hatje Cantz. This study proposes a reflection on Marseille and reveals its specificities, possibilities, dreams and complexities.

“The unprecedented encounters of the Tour de Tous les Possibles have given rise to dozens of original ideas that we now want to put into practice with Marseille’s civil society. The “Paquebot Radieux”, for example, which aims to transform an unused ship into a unique living space, combining housing, shops, schools and culture. In line with the Tour, as a “Chapter 2” to continue to amplify the citizen momentum, we also propose the establishment of an “Assembly of All the Possibles”, a permanent citizen convention of 101 Marseilles residents drawn at random and representative of the population. To deliberate and invent together new responses to old problems in the area, in close collaboration with the City. As part of the Marseilles legacy of Manifesta, bearing the sometimes forgotten obvious: the people of Marseilles have the solutions! ” Tarik Ghezali from Marseille Solutions and Joke Quintens from Moving Marseille.

photographs taken from the translated English version of the book (not available here)

  • language : FR
  • format : 16.8 x 23.3
  • ISBN : 9783775747646
  • publishers : Manifesta
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