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In a heavy atmosphere, accentuated by ink washes and charcoal backgrounds, a society is slowly crumbling, confronted by the shortage of metax, a mysterious buried mineral that formerly brought them economic prosperity. The landscape, made lunar by the scars caused by constant mining, is the scene of a series of tragedies: terrorist attacks against the kingdom, secret executions and a strange virus that leaves stars in the eyes of the sick… While the engineer in charge of extracting the metax desperately tries to find new leads, the king’s henchman pulls the strings to serve the greed of the court and the rebels try their best to protect their secret.

Inspired by ancient myths, Antoine Cossé constructs his story as a fable and gradually shifts to science fiction. He explores the idea of a hero caught in the middle of the society’s mechanisms whose cogs are seized, while being himself an indispensable link in the chain. With its compositions and cinematographic cutting, Métax transports us into a suffocating universe where the sinuous roads seem to lead nowhere.

This atmosphere is accentuated by a narrative filled with loose ends and a “sound” atmosphere graphically very supported, until the arrival of the color, which appears in a moment of apotheosis and deliverance. Métax is a grandiose, profound and poetic work, an exploration of greed, its consequences and the possibility of escaping it.

  • date of publication : august 2022
  • language : FR
  • pages : 304 p.
  • format : 29 x 21.5 x 3
  • binding : Hardcover
  • ISBN : 9782360811953
  • publishers : Cornelius
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