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Out of the Grid – Italian Zine 1978-2006


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Out of the Grid – Italian Zine 1978-2006 – A vast panorama of underground publishing production in Italy since the late 1970s, through a critical selection of 100 heterogeneous zines – from mail art to science-fiction literature, punk, new wave, hip-hop and queer culture – that testify to the scope and diversity of the social, political, aesthetic and technological upheavals in language usage and communication strategies at work in the field of self-publishing and subcultures.

Broadly mapping Italian society, and in particular youth culture, over a long period defined symbolically between “post-movement” and “pre-Internet 3.0”, this anthology captures the creative outpouring and technical inventiveness that whirred mimeographs, photocopiers and offset machines to experiment with other ways of communicating. The titles selected come from a variety of scenes – musical, social, artistic, literary… – in which distances between authors and readers are abolished. To help you navigate this multitude of subcultures, each zine is introduced by a leaflet providing analysis and additional information. No specific structure was imposed, allowing the specificities of each project to emerge. 100 titles for an infinite number of paths.
  • design : Dafne Boggeri
  • date of publication : January 2024
  • language : EN
  • pages : 456 p.
  • format : 33.5 x 23.6 x 2.9
  • binding : paperback
  • ISBN : 9782378964818
  • publishers : Dafne Boggeri , Sara Serighelli
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    Out of the Grid – Italian Zine 1978-2006
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