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PACK Repérages + Expérience Distorsion


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PACK Repérages + Expérience Distorsion – In search of the time warp laboratory, Repérages narrates the prelude to the warp experiment.

During this fantastic expedition based on real events,
technical galleries, catacombs, quarries, mines, mushroom beds, caves, chasms, extraterrestrial cities and other extraordinary subterrestrial locations were visited in search of a space in which to carry out an experiment in intensive drawing and immobile exploration. A month-long voluntary underground claustration, experienced without any time reference.

The publication Expérience Distorsion is a report of intensive drawing and stationary exploration, during a month of voluntary reclusion underground, with no temporal reference points.

The pack includes both fanzines and the photographic print “L’espérance”, 150mm x 230 mm.

  • design : Jack Tezam
  • date of publication : 2023
  • language : FR / EN
  • pages : 177 p.
  • format : 33.5 x 22.5 x 3
  • tirage : Limited edition of 20 numbered and signed copies
  • binding : two fanzines and a photograph in a boxed
  • publishers : Jack Team & Persu de Tokyo
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