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Geneviève Lebleu



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Sarclage – On an ordinary autumn day, Martine welcomes some women to her suburban bungalow for tea. The quiet course of the afternoon suddenly changes when Rose, a friend who had distanced herself for a while, shows up. However, she is not the only unwanted guest.

Cecile, Martine’s sister, arrives after several years of radio silence. With it, bad memories resurface and confusion sets in. When Martine goes out to the garden to pick herbs to brew, the day takes an unexpected turn.

The deliberately outdated aesthetics and the psychedelic touches establish in Sarclage a strange, even disturbing atmosphere.

  • date of publication : November 2022
  • language : FR
  • pages : 102 p.
  • format : 21 x 15.9 x 1
  • binding : Softcover
  • ISBN : 9782925114130
  • publishers : Les éditions Pow Pow
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