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Adam Michaels, Kevin McCaughey, Susan Buck-Morss

Seeing ↔ Making: Room For Thought


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Seeing ↔ Making: Room For Thought – Seeing ↔ Making: Room For Thought is an experimental volume that illuminates the space between word and image, politics and aesthetics, vision and fabrication, in a visual montage of new and unexpected constellations. Made possible by the intergenerational collaboration of three cultural producers determined to make theory visible, this kaleidoscopic project is based on a transformative anthology of critical essays by Susan Buck-Morss. Images and ideas synchronize with Buck-Morss’s insightful texts on visual culture, history, politics and aesthetics, fusing criticism with visual play and linking collective imagination to social action.

“This collaborative, cross-generational project was born from a question: When the “mash-up” methods of new technologies meet the intimacy and user-friendliness of the printed form, can critical reflection on written philosophy be intensified?” – SBM

The book’s evolving architecture opens up 12 analog spaces for connected thinking, inviting readers to explore new points of view and build networks of expanded thought.

  • design : Kevin McCaughey, IN-FO.CO
  • date of publication : January 2024
  • language : EN
  • pages : 400 p.
  • format : 19.6 x 12.1 x 3.3
  • binding : paperback
  • ISBN : 9781941753538
  • publishers : Inventory Press
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