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Sex Ecologies


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Sex Ecologiesexplores pleasure, affect and the powers of eroticism in the human and more-than-human world. Advocating for the positive and constructive role of sex in ecology and artistic practice, these texts and artistic research projects attempt nothing less than to reclaim the sexual from Western erotophobia and heteronormative narratives of nature and reproduction. Artists and writers have set out to examine queer ecology through the lens of environmental humanities, investigating the fluid boundaries between bodies (human and non-human), between binary conceptions of nature as separate from culture, and between disciplines.

Grâce à des textes nouvellement commandés à des écrivains tels que Mel Y. Chen et Jack Halberstam et à une sélection d’essais influents – y compris une version annotée de “The Uses of the Erotic : The Erotic as Power” d’Audre Lorde – ainsi qu’à des images et des croquis d’œuvres en cours de réalisation par un groupe d’artistes divers, Sex Ecologies combines ideas from the fields of art, environmental humanities, ecofeminism, gender studies, science, technology, political science, and indigenous studies.

Sex Ecologies, which accompanies an exhibition of the same name at Kunsthall Trondheim, is the result of an arts-based research project developed in collaboration between the art center and the environmental humanities lab Seed Box. Conceived not as a result but as a seed from this transdisciplinary fertilization, the volume presents an argument about the role of gender in environmental and social justice.

  • date of publication : November 2021
  • language : EN
  • pages : 288 p.
  • format : 23.9 x 17 x 2
  • binding : paperback
  • ISBN : 9780262543590
  • publishers : MIT Press
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