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Tomasz Tomaszewsk

The World Is Where You Stop


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The World Is Where You Stop – Go on a journey around the world in search of human nature. The World Is Where You Stop is a critical look at our reality, where good and evil, euphoria and suffering, wealth and poverty, virtue and licentiousness, coexist side by side. For over 40 years of his career, Tomasz Tomaszewski, one of Poland’s most outstanding photographers, has recorded situations that are difficult to pass by indifferently.

Shocking juxtapositions of photos, like shots from mondo films documentaries, make you reflect on the condition of contemporary man and the world he both lives in and creates. Sometimes the frames emanate the artist’s admiration for the beauty and power of nature, sometimes one can see his overwhelming fear or musings on our humanity.

150 black-and-white images do not explain how it happened that we have ended up in a place like this. Instead, they ask questions about where our world is headed and what we can expect at the end of the road.

Built as a coherent, multi-threaded story, the book is a cross-sectional presentation of Tomasz Tomaszewski’s work and includes many pictures that have never been previously published.

  • design : Aneta Kowalczyk
  • language : EN
  • pages : 320 p.
  • format : 37 x 28 x 4
  • tirage : 1500 copies
  • binding : Softcover, fabric cover with embossing detail
  • ISBN : May 2023
  • publishers : Blow Up Press
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