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This book-object is a large-format time-lapse, which brings together all the agency’s photographers in a new MYOP edition from 1979 to 2019 From one image to another, from one photographer to another, we have looked for distant echoes, for the tenuous links that weave life and make us who we are today. One sheet per photographer, printed on both sides: two full-page images, one taken before 2000, the other after. The whole book is modular because it is not bound and can be freely reorganised. A leaflet inserted inside, with photos and captions classified by author, makes it possible to find the original composition.

  • date of publication : November 2020
  • pages : 76 p.
  • format : 33 x 24 x 1
  • impression : offset CMYK
  • binding : 38 photographs and 4 page insert
  • ISBN : 9791097503178
  • publishers : Myop
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