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Tokyo Debugger


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Shinya Arimoto’s third publication with Tokyo-based publisher Zen Foto Gallery is a deep dive into the world of bugs, critters and insects. Arimoto spent a good 9 years travelling to the mountainous areas of Okutama and Hinohara – far away from the city but still part of Tokyo Prefecture – to capture moths, mantises, worms, spiders, snakes, frogs and all sorts of vermin very close intertwined betwen the bugs and reptiles, the phantom of human appears as a form of haunting architectural precense the city of Tokyo and these mountainous areas belong to different sides of the same coin, and insects transcend the boundaries between these sides, free to move back and forth between the two.

  • date of publication : 2020
  • language : EN/JP
  • pages : 160
  • format : 25.7 x 19.4 x 1.7
  • binding : Softcover
  • publishers : Zen Foto Gallery
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