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Véhicule 3


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Véhicule 3 – The scores, to be activated by the reader, by Marcel Alocco, Edouard Boyer, Matali Crasset, Jean-Claude da Silva, Frédéric Dumond, Jacques Jouet, Nicolas Richard, Sébastien Roux, Yoann Thommerel, Éric Watier.
April 2020. This is the number 3. Here we go again.
Véhiculeis an artist magazine born in 2010, aperiodic and with a limited edition.
Véhiculecontains scores, that is to say works to be made, interpreted, activated, uttered, or even pasted, or not.
Véhicule is: scores, or protocols, or scripts, or instructions, or poems to be operated, chewed, stuttered, or even destroyed.
The work is there, in suspense, ready to be embodied, deformed, revealed.
Véhicule is a mobile exhibition and transmission space, a place of passage.
The review is to be completed by you.
The invited artists are poets, visual artists, designers, authors, or book makers.
Véhiculecontains actions, events, sensations, and again: fictions to be deployed.
Véhicule 3 is a kind of surprise package, a conceptual catch-all, which also contains a game.
Véhicule 3 contains a project from 1968 in a new form and works from today.
Published by Vroum, Véhicule is a project by Garance Dor and Vincent Menu who invite contemporary artists from different disciplines to transmit a score (score = protocol, piece, instructions, suggestion, project, script, notation). All the scores are to be activated by the reader with or without skills in the artistic field concerned. Véhiculepublishes poetic works to be deployed in a museum setting, on stage, in the public space or in private places. Véhicule is an editorial project designed to be used in a performance, a show, a reading or an exhibition.
Véhiculeis a publication with a singular form: a square pocket, the size of an LP, filled with printed material of different formats. Véhicule is published every year.
  • date of publication : April 2020
  • language : FR
  • format : 31.5 x 31.5 x 1
  • binding : square pocket (33 rpm) filled with printed material of different
  • ISBN : 9782493008015
  • publishers : Vroum
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