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Apolline Labrosse, Clémentine Labrosse

ABÉCÉDAIRE d’auto-édition féministe


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ABÉCÉDAIRE d’auto-édition féministe – How many people dream of creating their own magazine? How do I go about it? Designed as a guide, this book brings together tools, techniques, resources, advice and ideas for anyone wanting to get started in self-publishing or publishing. Editorial, graphic and artistic revolutions – it also questions the existence of an autonomous feminist print practice. A subjective, joyful and non-exhaustive primer imagined by the self-taught founders of Censored magazine – based on their experiences and encounters.

The aim of this book is to divulge and pass on the method used by Apolline and Clémentine Labrosse to publish Censored, from the Indesign layout to promotion and internal organization. Accessibility, budget, rights, inclusive writing, La Poste, graphics, legal obligations… In all, over 60 words to convey their vision, hacks and other stratagems. This book is the fruit of an observation: while many of us see in print a revolutionary power and a terrain for creative expression and struggle – it’s hard to find information on how to create a zine or magazine yourself, for mass or local distribution. The edition doesn’t just deliver a concrete recipe, but also presents observations and reflections after five years of exploring the many strategies aimed at amplifying voices on the margins and transforming imaginations: from the riot grrrls movement to the creation of more official structures.

This is the second book published by Trouble. It has been reviewed and improved by Isabella Utria Mago, Elvire Duvelle-Charles and Maria Tasso.

  • design : Apolline Labrosse
  • date of publication : march 2024
  • language : FR
  • pages : 176 p.
  • format : 19 x 12 x 0.8
  • tirage : 2 000 copies
  • binding : paperback
  • ISBN : 9782494567023
  • publishers : éditions trouble
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