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Alone Street


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Alone Street – An event book containing the last two unpublished series by Crewdson, star of contemporary photography.

Chronicling an America without glory, Gregory Crewdson’s heady images are set in small post-industrial towns wracked by a dull anguish.

In each photograph – elaborated like a film scene with its actors, artistic team and impressive technical resources – light, color and the most minute details are carefully mastered and arranged to release that quiet, unsettling melancholy so characteristic of Crewdson’s work.

Alone Street brings together two major series, Cathedral of the Pines and An Eclipse of Moths, adding to Crewdson’s vast body of work and illustrating once again his extraordinary depth. But this time, these “paintings”, which operate like mental images, seem to harbor more intimate torments.

  • design : Duncan Whyte
  • date of publication : October 2021
  • language : FR
  • pages : 164 p.
  • format : 33.5 x 25.2 x 2.5
  • binding : Hardcover, fabric cover with glued vignette
  • ISBN : 9782845978683
  • publishers : Textuel
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