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Ramona Badescu, Benoît Guillaume

Bus 83


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After Par hasard (Le Port a jauni, 2019), Ramona Bădescu and Benoît Guillaume renewed the experience of a common residence. Together, they travelled the route from BUS 83 to Marseille and settled in the same places, at the same time, one drawing, the other writing.
BUS 83 goes from the Old Port to the sea, day and night, we get off at any time along the Corniche. We are inside, we are outside, in the city and at the beach, alone and surrounded, the city of Marseille is there!

  • date of publication : august 2020
  • language : FR / AR
  • pages : 36 p.
  • format : 17 x 22
  • ISBN : 9782919511662
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