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Élodie Petit & Marguerin Le Louvier

Anthologie douteuses (2010—2020)


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Élodie Petit and Marguerin Le Louvier write hot, sexual, political poems and self-publish them from their rooms under the common banner of Éditions Douteuses. In a decade, they will produce dozens of short and incisive texts, printed in black on colored paper, sometimes fluorescent, A5 or A6 stapled. In variable editions, they will be distributed during reading-performance evenings in bars or artistic institutions, in underground micro-publishing salons or sometimes undercover. L’Anthologie Douteuses (2010—2020)brings together for the first time these texts in a single volume, where the chronological arrangement gives a certain evolution of their literary practice over ten years.

“Fires cleverly lit on the fuel of irony, fun and detour, social and sexual criticism, radical thought and wonderful poetry. Revolutionary counter-fires joyfully set ablaze by a dyke and a faggot with a bad collar, who write, fuck, draw, dance, and sit cackling on the face of all the “sewn asses” and other suckers of old pits. (…) Yes, this tenderness, their tenderness, that of Elodie and Marguerin, I believe, will cure us of everything and their marvelous texts, finally gathered in a single volume, will have to be read when we lack the courage to live, to love and to make the revolution. This is what I will do. Excerpt from the preface by Anne Pauly.

“Fire, in this work, is everywhere invoked, sussed, exploded. It flows into the queer, materialist and revolutionary poetic practices of the two craftsmen of this political program. The dubious editions are an instruction manual for radical alliances that are trans-fags-dyke queens and beyond, a call to a necessary profusion-collusion of our belongings, of our situations, and to the production of intervals of shared claims and struggles.” Excerpt from the preface by Thomas Conchou.

  • date of publication : 2021
  • language : FR
  • pages : 320 p.
  • format : 20 x 16 x 2
  • tirage : 700 copies
  • binding : Invisible bound
  • ISBN : 9791096398065
  • publishers : Rotolux Press
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