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Anouk Ricard & Etienne Chaize

Boule de Feu


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The hour is grave, and the Pueblo Mage knows it: Boule de Feu that powers their magical barrier is waning and losing power every day. The terrible Maruflans are on the prowl, and the village will soon be at their mercy! Only the Wise Man Patrix can still save them, but he was exiled, a long time ago, in the distant world of humans… Braving the dangers of the inter-world portal, it is the faithful Fernando who will go and look for the Wise Man. Will Didier, his moustache, and his little dog Rocky be able to help him in his quest? Prisoners of the cruel Queen of the Chevles, lost in the fog of the Swamps of Snot, will Fernando and the Mage Pueblo manage to save their village? Will Rocky and Didier see their nice apartment again? You’ll find out by reading Boule de feu, the new book by Anouk Ricard and Étienne Chaize!

Comics have often welcomed explosive graphic experiments and Boule de Feu carries this tradition high. Corben and Druillet have only to be careful: rarely has such an unexpected alliance dynamited the graphic codes of the 9th Art – and our retinas! Anouk Ricard provides absurd characters and ubiquitous dialogues with disconcerting ease, marvelously combining heroism and humor, with two big H’s. Etienne Chaize, juggling with techniques – collages, inks, digital painting – works miracles and creates the settings of this surprising world, fed by The Lord of the Rings, Magic cards and other classics of the genre… Unclassifiable, funny and crazy: Boule de feu is definitely the most brilliant heroic-fantasy quest of these last years!

  • date of publication : February 2019
  • language : FR
  • pages : 72 p.
  • format : 34.4 x 25.4 x 2
  • impression : Modified four-color process, cardboard cover with gold hot stamping and soft-touch lamination
  • binding : Sewn binding with headband
  • ISBN : 9782901000631
  • publishers : 2024
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