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City Triptych Yearbook Vol.4


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In stock

This tenth issue, documents the European skateboarding scenes of Paris, London and Berlin. Through the eye of the photographers, stayed in the streets, and the #eyesbymalinowsky hidden in the book.

This yearbook covers the year 2020 in the cities of Paris, London and Berlin with 34 photographers: @alexbrpires, @antoinechuck, @romulo, @benjamin_deberdt_photography, @charlesmrtny, @el_choubi, @clementharpillard, @legallout, @cyrilgourdin, @dennisscholz, @ziptripp, @smoke_lens, @spliffiths, @yedihael, @rafski, @samuelashley, @joelpeck, @deltajohnny, @marioninthewoods and many more !

+ 9 artists: @artus_de_lavilleon, @frugitano, @gregory_gardner, @jeffcheung1, @jpmoserart, @im_keiji, @nicolasmalinowsky, @pierre_descamps_, @sergejvutuc.

Editor at large: @zebftbx
Art director: @atelier_malinowsky
Coordination: @stephaneborgne

Supported by @vansskate, @elementskateboards, @titus

  • design : Nicolas Malinoswky
  • date of publication : 2021
  • language : FR / EN
  • pages : 365 p.
  • format : 24.5 x 20.5 x 3
  • binding : Paperback, rigid cover
  • ISBN : 1000000011005
  • publishers : DPY
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