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Taryn Simon

The Color of a Flea’s Eye: The Picture Collection


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A tremendous feat of bookmaking, Taryn Simon’s The Color of a Flea’s Eye deploys prints, postcards and other ephemera to explore the organization of visual information through the New York Public Library’s beloved archive Taryn Simon’s The Color of a Flea’s Eye presents a history of the New York Public Library’s Picture Collectiona legendary trove of more than one million prints, photographs, postcards, posters and images from disused books and periodicals. Since its inception in 1915, the Picture Collection has been a vital resource for writers, historians, artists, filmmakers, fashion designers and advertising agencies. In her work The Picture Collection (2012-20), Simon (born 1975) highlighted the impulse to organize visual information, and pointed to the invisible hands behind seemingly neutral systems of image gathering. Each of Simon’s photographs is made up of an array of images selected from a given subject folder, such as Chiaroscuro, Handshaking, Haircombing, Express Highways, Financial Panics, Israel, and Beards and Mustaches. In artfully overlapped compositions, only slices of the individual images are visible, each fragment suggesting its whole. Simon sees this extensive archive of images as the precursor to internet search engines. Such an unlikely futurity in the past is at the core of the Picture Collection. The digital is foreshadowed in the analogue, at the same time that historyits classifications, its contentsseems the stuff of projection.

  • date of publication : september 2020
  • language : EN
  • pages : 460 p.
  • format : 39.2 x 28.5 x 4.2
  • binding : paperback, hardcover
  • ISBN : 9782851173140
  • publishers : Cahiers d'Art
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