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Combo Issue 2


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Combo Issue 2 – Combo is an artistic publication born during the first confinement in 2020.

Combo comes from a burning desire to create a beautiful object that portrays the rebirth of our points of view during these awing moments, to share hope and happiness through visual arts.

In this playful journey, the artworks are held together and gently follow one another. Similar to a photographic book, the second issue is a collection of visions celebrating the return to our origins and essence, through rituals, spells, divinatory dice game, mediation guide, and more.

A collective invitation to explore inner and outer realities, between memories of the future and promesses of a different past.

Ultimately, Combo wishes to give us time to wonder, wander, dream and encourage us to create and re-echant ourselves through a more up-to-date than ever holistic approach.

(We are not able to guarantee a specific cover at time of order.)

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  • format : 31 x 24 x 2
  • binding : Array
  • publishers : Combo
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