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Flair is a graphic novel without text. This story is built as an experiment in non-linear narrative. It leaves many interpretations to the reader. One enters a dream to follow the parallel paths of a blindfolded woman through the forest. Then, a Dobermann whose behaviour will evolve from the moment he swallows a piece of butterflies. The two journeys respond and fill each other throughout the pages. Some illustrations come back several times, with a few exceptions. There are patterns that echo themselves where everything reshaped by metamorphosis(s).

  • date of publication : 2022
  • language : FR
  • pages : 100 p.
  • format : 31 x 23 x 1
  • impression : silkscreen cover, inside risography printed
  • binding : paperback, softcover
  • ISBN : 9782490649211
  • publishers : Quintal Éditions
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