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Touch wood


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Born out of a deep love for nature, the project, imagined and curated by Thomas Danthony and Clare Mabin, showcases a community of artists, designers and illustrators who have been asked to express what nature means to them by contributing an original piece of art, created on a wooden board.
Designed by Sarah Boris, this beautiful book reproduces the work contributed for the show and includes pieces by artists such as Jean Jullien, Malika Favre, Hey Studio, Virginie Morgand and many, many more. Referring back to the meaning of the expression ‘touch wood’, they may be perceived as lucky charms. We will need more than luck, but we hope this small gesture, in the form of art, will help to safeguard nature.

  • date of publication : 2019

  • language : EN
  • pages : 212
  • format : x 18 x 26
  • binding : soft binding
  • ISBN : 9781916126121
  • publishers : Counter print
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