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Marta Zgierska and Mateusz Sarełło



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Garden – François Cheval writes in an essay accompanying the book: “In this strange “garden”, the fantastic and surrealist component makes this photographic narrative a tragi-comedy of the body. Photography has the capacity to model the flesh, to make it a Dionysian incident. To the agitation of the real world, the medium opposes a symbolic, grotesque violence, exploring new and surprising forms. Do Marta Zgierska and Mateusz Sarełło hope that a happy ending can emerge from this monstrous collage, that a bright future can be reconstructed? And how can the details of a body, which is experienced in everyday life, as it is experienced in pleasure, be transformed into a founding event, above the ruins of past morbidity? ”


  • date of publication : July 2022
  • language : EN
  • pages : 62 p.
  • format : 42 x 31 x 0.8
  • impression : Argraf (Warsaw, Poland) & Marceli Printery (Warsaw, Poland)
  • tirage : 800 copies
  • binding : Softcover
  • ISBN : 9788395284045
  • publishers : Blow Up Press
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