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Bastien Santanoceto travels and photographs, the resulting images are beautiful, rough at times and always strangely silent. Images that say nothing other than the minerality of the stone, the cold of the ice or the breath of a storm.

From this obvious frontality to reality, from this sense of detail it is an atlas of metaphysical forms, a corpus of panoramas and micro landscapes without scale, which bring us back to the origins of a virgin and volcanic nature, Iceland.
The printing of the images in negative on black paper with silver ink gives to see by a double technical inversion, these photographs in their simplest materiality, a purity of forms and light.

It is necessary to plunge into this visual peregrination to feel the strange telluric attraction of these virgin landscapes from which sometimes emerge some fragile traces of a human activity reduced to its simplest expression, a path, a telegraph wire, a tiny silhouette perhaps. Nothing is sure… And by the visual purity to which Bastien Santanoceto submits himself, the reader takes himself to notice the obscure mass of the photographic material, its negative. Thus the composition in hollow of his images leaves the beautiful part to the gaps and to the absence, “What we see is not made of what we see, but of what we are. (Fernando Pessoa / The book of intranquility of Bernardo Soares / 1982.), these landscapes attest to this.


  • date of publication : June 2021
  • language : FR
  • pages : 80 p.
  • format : 24 x 18 x 1
  • impression : Risography silver monochrome printing on Dark paper and Black monochrome printing
  • binding : Paperback
  • publishers : Éditions Rien ne va plus
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