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Only 1 left in stock

Master of Puppets – Master of Puppets – 76 pages of niche design and kinks, taken from a modded version of The Sims 4 video game by artist Loïc Laugier.

“Initiating yourself into modding The Sims is to enter a bottomless pit that resembles life, and in which the gamer loses himself with the joy of a demiurge. In short, modding takes The Sims 4 from gaming to playing. This distinction, erased by the French language, is enlightening: while game implies description and obedience to rules, play implies an absence of formalized rules and an erasure of explicit stakes. With its almost infinite modding possibilities, The Sims 4 becomes a sandbox game in which only the gamer’s will can put an end to the game, and only fatigue can put it on pause.

[…] In the already occult world of modders, an even more specific community has created Wicked Whims the benchmark modding offering in terms of sexual simulation. Powered by dozens of more or less active modders and updated as regularly as the official game, Whicked Whims aims to fill the game’s cruel gaps in sexuality, and to unleash the game in such a way as to turn life simulation into fantasy simulation. Bottles of poppers, unbridled sexual animation (twosomes, threesomes…), turgid sexes, facial ejaculations, dildos, sex toys and fuck machines…What porn produces, Whicked Whims is likely to produce too.”

-Simon Gérard

  • design : Simon Gérard & Loïc Laugier
  • date of publication : July 2023
  • language : EN / FR
  • pages : 76 p.
  • format : 25.5 x 19 x .9
  • impression : Risography printing - 4 colors
  • binding : paperback, soft cover
  • publishers : Kermesse éditions
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