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Menko Boys Book


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Menko Boys Book – Parisian artist Antwan Horfee’s 320 page collection of vintage Japanese playing cards.

Artistically-inclined young Westerners have always found ways into Japanese culture. Artists like Antwan Horfee enthusiastically obsess over the cheap toys and trashy entertainment. Cartoons were Horfee’s gateway into Japanese culture. Once he became an artist and got to visit Japan, his explorations and interests there became increasingly broad. One such interest was the collecting of Menko cards. The game of menko is thought to date back to the 1700s. This book is a carefully curated small part of Horfee’s own collection.

  • design : Studio Temp
  • date of publication : September 2019
  • language : EN / JP
  • pages : 320 p.
  • format : 28.5 x 10.5 x 3
  • impression : Offset CMYK Spot color cover
  • tirage : First edition of 600 copies
  • binding : Open binding with paperback Screenprinted book jacket with embossed titles.
  • ISBN : 9781916168602
  • publishers : TOPSAFE , Wrong Culture Editions
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