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PAARE / PAIRS – Jochen Lempert’s photographs start from an encounter: that of plants and animals, real or artificial representations in urban or rural environments, museum windows, scientific books, etc.
The resulting images display a closeness that testifies to the artist’s ease with his subjects. Rather than applying his scientific knowledge to what he photographs, he visually invites meaning through the act of seeing. Pairs is presented in an exhibition of Lempert’s work at the Kunsthalle Portikus in Frankfurt am Main, organized by Yasmil Raymond and Deborah Müller. The juxtapositions in this series can be two photos of the same subject, a pair of animals, or visually evocative matches.

  • design : Roger Willems
  • date of publication : March 2022
  • language : EN/ALL
  • pages : 112
  • format : 29 x 21 x 1.4
  • ISBN : 9789464460148
  • publishers : Roma Publications
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