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In Mimosa Echard’s artistic practice, elements from pop culture and from the world of the living are brought together, thus composing vibrant, sensual assemblies. Through her vast compositions, the artist explores contaminations’ zones between organic objects and heteroclite commodities, creating fluid ecosystems. For her exhibition “Sporal” at the Palais de Tokyo, Mimosa Echard has collaboratively conceived a video game inspired from the life cycle of myxomycetes, which invites to explore the cavities of a perpetually transforming organism. To the rhythm of a pop-experimental soundtrack, the projection of a walk inside the game spreads on a patchwork with psychedelic patterns. The dreamlike environment, which is deployed, punctuated by latency periods, generates a metamorphic and surreal universe, in which, set in the same momentum, the artist rethinks the connections between sexuality and reproduction. This book includes a visual contribution by Mimosa Echard, a rich iconography with views of her solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, an essay by Pip Wallis and an interview between Mimosa Echard and Daria de Beauvais, curator of the exhibition.

  • date of publication : May 2022
  • language : EN / FR
  • pages : 112 p.
  • format : 30 x 21 x 0.9
  • binding : paperback, softcover
  • publishers : Palais De Tokyo , Presses Du Reel
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