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Naohiro Harada

Tokyo Fishgraphs


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Only 1 left in stock

Tokyo Fishgraphs – Naohiro Harada’s (b. 1982, Japanese) series is an attempt to explore the origin of the eccentricity of Japanese visual culture through the usage of traditional methods by composing a fictional documentary for the audienceless 2020 Olympics, which was postponed due to the restrictions of the pandemic.

During this phantasmal time, Harada decided to convert the strange experience into a series of contemporary Mitate-e, i.e. a genre term within Japanese art that witfully plays with allusions, puns, and gaps in what we understand, by depicting and parodying historical and traditional events.

  • date of publication : 2022
  • language : EN
  • pages : 80 p.
  • format : 23.5 x 26.5 x 1
  • binding : Hardcover
  • ISBN : 9789188113597
  • publishers : Libraryman
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