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Elisabeth Lataillade, Florence Faurie-Vidal, Jocelyne Camblin, Louise Turcotte, Marie-Victoire Louis, Marion Jazouli, Suzette Robichon

Voix Off : imprimerie de femmes


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Voix Off is the first book of the Cahiers des typotes collection, directed by Natalia Passaquin and Fanny Myon. The ambition of the Cahiers des typotes is to publish the stories of women who have been able to express themselves and defend their rights through words, publishing and printing.

Voix Off was a unisex print shop founded in Paris in 1982 by four women MLF activists who wanted to create a caring workplace in a period of feminist effervescence and initiative. By printing texts written by other women, feminist and lesbian magazines, posters, leaflets and books, they demonstrated their opposition to male domination in the field. Their production was diffused in the alternative and militant circles until 1988.

For this issue Natalia Passaquin and Fanny Myon met with two Voix Off printers, Florence and Françoise, as well as other MLF activists: Suzette Robichon and Marie-Victoire Louis, editors and Catherine Deudon, photographer. They opened their doors and showed them their beautiful libraries. They shared with them their memories, their stories and testified about their journey and their involvement in the feminist struggles of the time. Thanks to their generosity they had access to archives, photographs, magazines, posters, leaflets and books, some of which were printed by Voix Off.

  • design : Natalia Passaquin, Fanny Myon
  • date of publication : December 2021
  • language : FR
  • pages : 196
  • format : 19 x 12 x 1.6
  • impression : Riso and offset
  • binding : paperback
  • ISBN : 978-2-9580782-0-1
  • publishers : Collectif des typotes
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