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Nicolas Moog

La Fuite – Le Chien à l’armé


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To escape from a dull, repetitive and overwhelming daily life, a comic book author goes on an adventure quest to Mexico, at the invitation of Juan – a mysterious Spanish poet he met at the Hamburg book festival. Their goal: to find the head of Pancho Villa.

That’s all. There are rumors that the grave of Pancho Villa, the famous hero of the Mexican revolution, has been desecrated. His head has disappeared. This is what Juan, an obscure Spanish poet, reveals to Nicolas Moog when they meet at the Hamburg Book Festival. Overwhelmed by his depressing daily life, the author decides to join the poet in Mexico and to go with him on the trail of the mysterious relic. This is how a harmless autobiographical chronicle turns into an epic journey where Mexican bandits, disillusioned drunkenness and metaphysical questioning meet. But is Juan really who he says he is?

Accustomed to going back and forth to Central America, author and musician Nicolas Moog lands this time in Mexico, not for concerts and meetings with the blues and folk scene of the southern United States – as usual – but driven by the fierce desire to find a relic dear to his heart.

  • date of publication : February 2022
  • pages : 88 p.
  • format : 27.5 x 20.9 x 2
  • binding : paperback, softcover
  • ISBN : 9782352121695
  • publishers : Six Pieds Terre
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