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Mimi Svanberg

Fragments (N°6)


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Fragments is a kind of debris of my life, my mind and my dreams, moments that float in a non-logical way without being linked to a place, a space or a time, each image is a little shard. It is a project about the absence of time, about being everywhere at once. It has dark overtones and a dreamlike frequency. I think most of my images are fragments of my dreams and thoughts. It’s not about how things actually happened, but rather the thought or feeling they evoke.

I like the idea that instead of forcing my images into a clear place or narrative, non-cohesion becomes the common denominator. Just like in our dream worlds, things happen in an order over which we have no control and there are no boundaries or directions.

Fragments is the 6th issue of the new collection from Bessard Editions; L’Atelier Risographique is dedicated to black and white photographs taken by Swedish photographer Mimi Svanberg

  • design : Thibault Geffrey
  • date of publication : April 2021
  • language : EN
  • pages : 36 p.
  • format : 29.5 x 21.5 x .5
  • impression : Risography printing
  • tirage : 200 copies
  • binding : Stapled
  • ISBN : 9782491052065
  • publishers : Editions Bessard
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