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Alessandro Tota

Un Eté


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Only 1 left in stock

We are delighted to find the endearing figures who delighted us in Charles and Fratelli (both published by Cornelius) for a shaggy cavalcade against a backdrop of class struggle. Alessandro Tota has dipped his pen in a watercolour red that radiates from the pages; the sunsets are bloody and the love scenes incandescent. WithUn été, he signs a wild comedy that evokes more surely the scorching fires than the great holidays at Mémé’s.

  • date of publication : June 2021
  • language : FR
  • pages : 184 p.
  • format : 24 x 17.3 x 1.5
  • binding : paperback
  • ISBN : 9782360811823
  • publishers : Cornelius
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