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Frédérique Rusch

Untitled (Comic Book)


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Of the minimal works offered by contemporary comics, Untitled (comic book) is without question one of the most radical and generous proposals. Taking as her starting point a comic book composition grid (borrowed from Charles Burns’ Black Hole) colored in the manner of a Piet Mondrian painting, and introducing an almost childlike play of lines, Frédérique Rusch generates an illusion of perspective that soon allows her colored surfaces to withdraw progressively toward the bottom of the page.
Through this simple movement of retreat, which results in a slow disappearance, a modest erasure, Untitled (comic book) passes from color to white monochrome, but above all creates its own time and its own space, in other words creates a narrative – not without humor and suspense. Untitled (comic book) was originally published in 2013 by Editions du livre. Out of print for several years, this reissue finally makes it available again.

  • language : FR
  • pages : 16 p.
  • format : 24.1 x 17 x 1
  • tirage : 2nd edition
  • ISBN : 9782916383637
  • publishers : Éditions Matière
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