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Flatland –In 2018, Maxime Brygo spent several months surveying the plains of southern Vietnam, through which the Mekong River flows. Originally from the north of France, he discovered on his journey another “flat country”, which, like his own, was partly reclaimed from the sea. Alternating between color and black & white, he manages to capture the transitory aspect of the landscapes he visits, as well as their ancestral symbolic charge. Flatland opens like a collection of clues, all the more captivating in that the photographs gathered lend a strangeness, sometimes an aura, to sites that are a priori innocuous. Here, the sites suggest uses, practices and rituals, and there, magical, telluric or cosmic forces whose secret activity the images capture.

  • design : Maxime Brygo & Jonas Meier
  • date of publication : August 2023
  • language : EN, FR, VN
  • pages : 128 p.
  • format : 24.5 x 17.3 x 1.5
  • binding : Hardcover, vignette on back cover
  • ISBN : 9782843140862
  • publishers : Loco
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