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Ecce Dico


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Ecce Dico – Twelve years after Ecce Logo (Loco, 2011), Gilles Deléris and Denis Gancel continue their reflections on the world of brands, design and communications. Co-founders of the W agency, renowned for its creativity, the authors offer definition after definition, an offbeat, no-holds-barred look at agency life. The joys, the doubts, the spirit of companionship, management, the place of women, the poison of harassment… Gilles Deléris and Denis Gancel share their experience and their love for “the most beautiful profession in the world after medicine and architecture”. While Ecce Logo was an invitation to visit a contemporary art gallery, this time the authors take us on a journey through a kind of whimsical dictionary, a folly in the form of an alphabet book inspired by the 1923 edition of the Petit Larousse illustré. One hundred years on, they have created an original object that interprets the incredible imagination of the engravings of the time through the power of artificial intelligence. The result is sometimes disconcerting, sometimes surprising, sometimes kitsch, sometimes baroque, but it reveals an aesthetic under construction. Before reading the texts, you can try to find the evocations behind each lettering. Last but not least, dictionaries are synonymous with “pink pages”. In this 2023 edition, professional jargon ironically replaces Latin locutions

  • date of publication : September 2023
  • language : FR
  • pages : 364 p.
  • format : 19.7 x 12.5 x 3
  • binding : Hardbound, fabric cover with serigraphied details
  • ISBN : 9782843140907
  • publishers : Loco
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